Brose news 2019
March 5, 2019

Brose starts the new year with a lot of drive

With the Drive C Brose now also enters the city bike segment. The 'Made in Berlin' drive gives urban bikers almost three times as much power as they can generate on the pedals themselves: 280 percent to be precise. Fast starting manoeuvres and spontaneous reactions to traffic are typical situations bikers have to master in the city. Instead of supplying a hard-to-control thrust at full power, the Drive C smooths out any inconsistent rider input, which results in a harmonious riding feeling. The Drive C delivers a powerful 50 newton metres of torque at both high and low cadence.

“The Drive C has a smoother response, a more uniform torque delivery level and a longer range – it’s specially designed to meet the needs of urban users,” says Horst Schuster, Head of Sales and Marketing Brose Antriebstechnik. Like all Brose drives, the Drive C is particularly quiet thanks to its internal carbon-reinforced belt made by Gates concealed in the housing. Thanks to the Brose dual freewheel technology, the drive decouples completely once the battery is exhausted. E-bikers continue cycling naturally as on a regular bike. And, for a little extra help when not riding the walk assist feature helps the rider push the bike up to 4 miles per hour.

The Drive S Mag receives the Design & Innovation Award
As one of the leading drive manufacturers in the e-bike sector, Brose experienced an incredibly successful 2018, which has seen more than 400,000 of its drives delivered to market since inception. The Drive S Mag presented at Eurobike also won the Design & Innovation Award in the 'Components (Offroad)' category last January. The jury subjects the components to rigorous field-testing for two full weeks. The drives that pass this test are strong and reliable, ready for the demanding needs of mountain bikers and offering real added value. In 2019, the Brose Drive S Mag will be available on more and more e-bikes at dealer outlets.

Successful dealer training with new Service Tool
Brose has trained over 400 participants in 18 one-day courses since the beginning of the year. The most important content of these training sessions was the new digital Service Tool, which will enable workshops and dealers to diagnose Brose drives quickly and precisely. Participants also learned technical details about the Brose e-bike drives and were able to apply their newly gained knowledge in practical exercises such as belt replacements. Successful participation in the training course certifies dealers and service partners to perform the diagnosis and maintenance of Brose e-bike drives.