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Which ebike Type are you?

City, country or sport - find out which eBike suits you.

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The City ebike

Whether for shopping, going to the office or meeting friends - you are looking for a bike that allows you to be mobile in the city? Then a City ebike is the right choice for you. With a City ebike, comfort comes first. From sturdy racks to safe braking and lighting systems to an ergonomic seating position; City ebikes are the perfect all-rounders for city traffic. With the quiet Brose drive, you'll cruise through the city and pedaling feels really easy. Leave any traffic jam behind and arrive relaxed at your destination.

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The Trekking ebike

Do you like to be out in nature and enjoy long tours? Then a trekking ebike is just right for you. It is characterized by its long-distance capability and good suspension. With the drive, you can cover many kilometers quietly and comfortably. And if the road should ever get a little bumpy - no problem! You can also rely on your trekking ebike on forest paths and the like. Enjoy the nature and go on long tours.

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The eMountainbike

You like it sporty and need a bike that is robust and suitable for off-road use? Then an eMTB will be your new favorite bike. The powerful drive is perfect for uphill trails and the ergonomics of the eMountainbike allows you a sporty posture. In terms of suspension, you can choose between Fully, fully suspended with extra damping, and Hardtail, somewhat cheaper and primarily suitable for riding on easy trails. Whether uphill or downhill - with an eMountainbike you move faster and longer through nature. Storm every peak and know no limit.

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The Brose Drive Smag in a closeup look

Drive and range

Speed and range - find the right drive and the best battery performance for your ebike.

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Drive at a glance

Whether short distance in the city or mountain rides in nature - the ebike drive in combination with software, sensors and co. decides how much support you get when pedaling. That's why not only the ebike with its frame, seating position and the like must suit you, but also the drive. All Brose drives are mid-mounted motors that run very quietly. You will find differences in the performance values. You can find out which drive is suitable for city ebikes, trekking ebikes or eMountainbikes under Drives.

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Range at a glance

A few kilometers in the city or rather long cross-country tours? The ebike battery has a big influence on the range your ebike has. With Brose battery systems, you can cover between 80 and 120 kilometers on one charge.

The Brose Drive in a detailed look in different layers.

About Brose

We have been producing our drive systems in Berlin since 2014. Made in Berlin is not just a label for us. Bicycle enthusiasts from various fields work together under one roof to produce ebike systems for every purpose. In doing so, all trends of the micromobility accompany us in our everyday life. In which other German city can you test so many different solutions for the mobility of tomorrow?

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