Brose Drive C rendering close-up
September 26, 2018

The new Brose Drive C – a true City-Champion

The new member of the Brose Drive product family offers harmonic support over a wide cadence range. Specifically designed to meet the needs of city e-bikers, the Drive C delivers continuous smooth power over a cadence range of 20 to 70 pedal rotations per minute..

At both low and high cadences, a torque of 50 newton metres is available, with a maximum support of 280 percent. Thus, city bikers get almost three times as much power with the Drive C as they can generate through pure pedal power.

Whether passionate city biker or tailwind fan: the Drive C, like all Brose drives, runs so quietly that it is inaudible, even in peaceful side streets. The key to this silent performance is the internal carbon-reinforced belt concealed in the housing, made by Gates. It also prevents vibrations from being transmitted to the pedal.

When the battery is exhausted, e-bikers with Brose Drive will simply notice that the gentle tailwind has ceased to support. The dual freewheel technology decouples the drive and the e-bike can be pedalled naturally like a regular bike.

The Brose Drive C will be available at the start of the season 2019