Close-up of the faces of a couple, who are about to go on a trekking tour. The focus is on the faces that reflect enthusiasm and anticipation.

Trekking - expanding your horizons

Riding an e-bike equipped with a Brose drive, you will master every road and trail, even off the beaten track. Test your skills and fitness on asphalt, gravel and forest trails – and you will still be full of energy at the end of the day! Rediscover your passion for cycling.


A mountainbiker riding downhill on a Brose-powered eBike.

Mountain biking - feel the freedom

Spectacular trails, magnificent views, nature at its purest! The power to climb steeper hills and stamina to extend your ride. The reliability of precision technology. These features give you the freedom to grow beyond your personal limitations. Feel the moment – mountain biking is the ultimate experience for ambitious athletes, explorers and adventurers of all levels.


A close-up of a young woman who is wearing a helmet and smiling.

City - enjoy your mobility

Ebikes are permanently changing mobility in our cities. We are constantly on the move – commuting to work, doing the shopping or exploring our city. The harmonic power support of the Brose Drive C enhances the comfort of daily cycling.


Close-up of a Brose Drive Unit. A worker is putting a Brose sticker on the motor.

A passion for top performance

Our know-how is based on 110 years of engineering experience.