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Perfect match of man & technology

With e-bike drives from Brose, mechanical components, software and the individual biker work together at the highest level. The perfect match of man and technology.

Close-up of a Brose ebike motor

Brose 48V drive system

New system with completely revised architecture

An excellent new 48 volt system and the optimization of the proven 36 volt system. We have made both possible!

Our complete system offers optimum interaction between Brose drive, control unit and battery. It is optimized for even better integration and combination of system components such as drive unit, HMI and battery. This coordination of the components with each other refines the overall Brose driving experience. At the same time, you also benefit from service from a single source.

Brose 48v system

Brose E-Bike drives

NEW: Brose Drive3 Peak – Summiteer

The future flagship of the Brose drive family comes with higher performance with even more compact dimensions and an integration-optimized design. At its peak, the 48 volt platform in its highest configuration Drive3 Peak provides 410 percent assistance at a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h.

Datasheet "Drive3 Peak"

Close up of a Brose Drive³ Peak

Brose Allround – One display, for all drive types

The Brose Allround Display impresses in the 48V system with a 1.9" color display and optimized ergonomics. The focus here is on improved readability through reduced reflection. The ambient light sensor makes it possible to adjust the display brightness. The USB-C charging port on the back can be used to charge the smartphone and the connection to the Brose Service Tool is guaranteed.

Datasheet "Control Allround"

Brose display allround 48v system

Brose Integrate – design in perfection

The Brose E-Bike family has a really new member: the Integrate display with a 2" display diagonal, which is integrated into the top tube. In conjunction with the Allround, the integrate display also has an ambient light sensor as well as a Bluetooth interface and a USB-C charging port. The update is carried out via the Brose E-Bike app.

Datasheet "Control Integrate"

Brose display integrate 48v system

Brose Allround – The last step towards a clean cockpit

The Brose Allround acts as a control unit for our "Integrate Control" display. Here, we have ensured optimized ergonomics and haptics so that it is as easy as possible for you to use. Its wireless connection guarantees a tidy cockpit and quick (dis)assembly.

Datasheet "Allround"

Brose display remote control

Brose Teamplay with system: Battery, HMI und Co.

The new Brose Battery 48V is the perfect addition to the 48-volt drives in the "Brose Drive System". The top version has an energy storage capacity of 814 watt-hours and can be fully charged in three to four hours. Equipped with a high-quality aluminum housing, the battery is removable and allows flexible wheel mounting.

Datasheet "Battery 48V"

Brose battery 48V System

Brose App

Your smartphone as a full-fledged board computer! Among other things, track live data from your bike during the ride. We also offer features such as individual views, adjustability of support levels and much more. Try our end user app for IOS and Android. The Brose App is now available throughout the EU.

Brose App functions

Brose 36V drive system

The award-winning Brose drives, the Brose displays and the Brose Battery 630 - all components work perfectly hand in hand in the complete Brose system. The individual Brose E-Bike components are intelligently coordinated.

Brose Drive C – City Champion
Brose Drive T – Long-distance Runners
Brose Drive TF – Sprinters
Brose Drive S – Performance Artist
Brose Drive H – Heavy load carrier

Datasheet "36V-system drives"
Datasheet "Brose Drive HMag"

Brose Display Allround – for design lovers

Elegantly shaped: The Brose Display Allround is the stylish all-in-one solution. The functions are displayed on a 1.5 inch colour screen. The convex screen can be mounted flexibly on the right or left of the handlebars and nestles seamlessly next to the shifter or grip. Six specially emobossed control buttons offer a sure feel and are ergonomically positioned for optimum ease of use. For optimal and quick readability, the selection of data to be displayed can be set individually.

Datasheet "Display & Allround"

Brose 36V Display Allround

Brose Display Allround – for purists

Fans of undisturbed design lines and consistent purists get their money’s worth with the Brose Display Remote. All important functions such as the assistance level, light and walk assist are stored in six easy-to-feel keys. An LED light strip in the slim but robust housing delivers information about the battery charge, level of assistance or walk assist. From stylish city bike to sporty emountain bike, the smallest Brose display hugs the handlebar and provides as much information as needed in as little space as possible. Anyone who wants more values displayed at a glance also uses the Brose Display Central.

Datasheet "Display & Allround"

Brose 36V Display Remote

Brose Display Central – for the curious

Everything in view: The Brose Display Central guarantees the optimum overview. The very big picture is delivered by the Brose Display Central with 3.5 inch colour screen. Thanks to the central position of the display on the handlebar, the rider has a perfect view of the personalised values. The Brose Display Central works together with the Brose Display Allround, which serves as a practical control unit. For a clear indication, the LEDs of the Brose Display Remote switch off in this combination.

Datasheet "Display & Allround"

Brose 36V Display Central

Brose Battery 630

The Brose Battery 630 is optimally synced with the entire Brose Drive product family. Connected to the specially developed, very robust Brose standard plug, it has a nominal capacity of 17 ampere-hours at 36 volts, providing an energy storage capacity of 630 watt-hours. The housing, made of black anodised aluminium, is robust and scratch-resistant.

Datasheet "Battery 630"

Brose App functions
A graphic with technical performance values of  Brose drive units with aluminium housing.
A graphic with technical performance values of Brose drive units with magnesium housing.

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