Brose App - FAQ

Stand: 18 Aug 2023

1. Where can I download the Brose App?

App Store (iOS)
Google Play Store (Android)

The app is available in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and United Kingdom.

2. Which eBike brands or models is the app compatible with?

The Brose app was developed for eBikes with the Brose Drive System (i.e. Brose drive + Brose display + Brose battery). Use of the app is not possible until model year 2021.

3.1 How can I connect the app and the eBike? (Create account)

The following technical requirements must be met to establish a connection between the smartphone and the eBike:

- the display on the eBike is switched on
- Bluetooth is activated on the smartphone
- The smartphone has a connection to the Internet

Please perform the following steps now:

- start the registration on the menu of the display
- follow the steps shown and put the display into "pairing mode"
- the smartphone now connects to the eBike via Bluetooth
- create an account with your e-mail address

3.2 I cannot establish a connection between the eBike and the app.

Please check the following points:

- Take the battery out of the eBike, wait briefly, put the battery back in. This effectively "restarts" and you can perform the connection process in the app again.

- Reset the connection to the eBike on your smartphone. To do this, check that no other smartphone is connected to the eBike. You can see whether a smartphone is connected to the eBike by the Bluetooth symbol in the top left corner of the display.

- The eBike is connected to the smartphone and still no connection is established? Then follow point 3.1 and set the display to "pairing mode" again as described there.

- If there are too many Bluetooth devices (e.g. smartphones, smart homes, keyboards, etc.) in the vicinity, the connection may fail. Move the smartphone and eBike to a place where there are fewer devices.

- Check if the eBike is compatible with app. If the bike brand or model is not listed (see 3.2.), the Brose app cannot currently be used.

3.3 How do I reset the connection to the eBike?

Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, press the i-button of the entry of your eBike and then "Ignore device".

Go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, press the gear icon of your eBike's entry, press "disconnect" or "remove" depending on your smartphone.

3.4 How can I delete my account?

Write us a message and we will be happy to fulfill your wish and get back to you immediately.

4. Komoot and Strava

4.1 Different display of data in Komoot or Strava

The data displayed in Komoot or Strava is based only on the GPS data you recorded. We also use the data of your eBike in our app. Therefore, there may be deviations in the data.

4.2 When will my data be sent to Komoot or Strava?

The prerequisite for uploading your route to Komoot or Strava is that you have connected to your Komoot or Strava account in the settings in the Brose app. Only then will every route you record be automatically uploaded to Komoot or Strava.

4.3 Why can't I send my data to Strava? (Android)

Strava connectivity is not yet implemented for the Android version of the app. However, we are working on making it available there as soon as possible.

4.4 I can't record a route

If the button to start route recording is grayed out and inactive, please make sure that the smartphone is connected to the eBike. An active Bluetooth connection is required to start route recording. Sometimes it can take a little longer until your recorded route is uploaded to us. Please be patient.

4.5 Display of altitude (Android)

With some Android smartphones it can happen that the calculated and displayed altitude meters do not correspond to reality. This has to do with the GPS chip installed in your smartphone. However, we are working on improving the calculation for these smartphones as well.

4.6 Different display of remaining range

The remaining range shown on the display and in the app sometimes varies greatly. This is due to the following reasons: It always depends on the currently selected support level and the calculation is currently based on real consumption values instead of average values. We are working on calculating the remaining range even more precisely for you and your riding style in the future.

5. Imprint, privacy policy, terms of use

Imprint (Brose App)
Privacy policy (Brose App)
Terms of use (Brose App)

6. Open source software components

Here you can find the list of open source licence conditions

7. Release Notes App Updates

7.1 Android Release Notes

Version 1.28

  • Zeichne Fahrten automatisch auf wenn die Verbindung von App zu deinem E-Bike besteht
  • Erhalte Audio-Navigations-Hinweise
  • Viele kleine Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen

Version 1.26

  • Navigiere zurück zum Startpunkt der Aufzeichnung
  • Fixed Bug Dashboard Screen Sleep
  • Fixed Absturz bei leerer Routenauswahl
  • Allgemeine Stabilitätsverbesserungen

Version 1.24

  • Allgemeine Stabilitätsverbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen

Version 1.23

  • Navigationsanweisungen für Komoot-Routen
  • Verbindung zum Fahrrad überarbeitet: Sie erhalten jetzt mehr Hilfe und können Ihr E-Bike direkt benennen
  • Verbinde Komoot und Strava direkt bei der Anmeldung
  • Allgemeine Stabilitätsverbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen

Version 1.21

  • New dashboard values for Komoot routes: approx. arrival time, approx. remaining driving time and remaining kilometers
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.20.2

  • New map provider in the dashboard, ride and route view
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes

7.2 iOS Release Notes

Version 1.20

  • Suche nach Zielen in deiner Umgebung und erhalte Navigationshinweise in der Routenansicht
  • Erhalte Audio-Navigations-Hinweise
  • Zeichne Fahrten jetzt automatisch auf ohne das Handy aus der Tasche holen zu müssen
  • Verbesserung der Apple Watch Synchronisation während der Fahrt
  • Viele kleine Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen

Version 1.19

  • Verbesserung der Sichtbarkeit des Standortverfolgungsmodus im Dashboard

Version 1.18

  • Das Dashboard kann jetzt auch im Querformat verwendet werden
  • Konfigurieren Sie die automatische Unterbrechung Ihrer Fahrt mehr nach Ihren Bedürfnissen
  • Die Routenliste verfügt über eine neue Kartenansicht
  • Allgemeine Stabilitätsverbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen

Version 1.17

  • Navigation for Komoot routes
  • New feature to add Komoot, Strava and Apple on first launch
  • Possibility to name your e-bike in onboarding
  • Simplified user information on the required app permissions (Bluetooth, Location, Notifications)
  • Rides started with the Apple Watch are saved as a workout
  • Heart rate from the Apple Watch can be configured to the dashboard view
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.16

  • New map provider in the dashboard, ride and route view
  • "Always" location permission is no longer required for background recording
  • Apple Watch improvements
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes