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May 16, 2019

New displays: taking it all in on e-bikes with Brose

Brose marks a first with three proprietary displays to make operating e-bikes intuitive and ergonomic. What the Brose Display Allround, Brose Display Remote and Brose Display Central models all share is a wealth of functions, sleek looks and practical, user-friendly ergonomics.

Family likeness: As functional and compact as universal

Housed in an impact-resistant ABS casing, all three Brose displays are compatible with any e-bike featuring Brose Drive. And can be retrofitted. Depending on the choice of model, information displayed includes battery charge, support level, speed, range, an odometer, trip information, light, time and walk assist. For optimum readability in both darkness and direct sunlight, the Brose Display Allround and Brose Display Central feature a backlight function. Screen brightness can be manually adjusted or automatic mode activated. Deliberately pared-down display design makes sure riders can, for instance, reach the shifter or activate the dropper seatpost with ease. The displays allow easy connection to the digital Brose Service Tool, making for quick maintenance and repair by certified dealers.

Brose Display Allround: The name says it all

The stylish Brose Display Allround is a perfect fit for any bike. The control buttons are embossed for a sure feel and, ergonomically placed to allow simple, quick access to the features of the drive system. The 1.5-inch colour screen sleekly hugs the handlebars and can be mounted to the left or right of centre. Tipping the scales at just 50 grams, the Brose Display Allround weighs as little as a smartwatch and looks equally at home on sporty bikes or designoriented urban and trekking models.

Brose Display Remote: The purist’s choice

For e-bikers looking for minimalist flair with all the functionality, the slimline Brose Display Remote is just the job. Wrapped around the handlebars to the left or right of centre, the smallest of the three models still offers all the requisite functions. It features a coloured LED strip display, indicating battery charge and support level, plus six ergonomically thought-out buttons. This option is especially suited to riders who take a less-is-more approach to how their bike should look.

Brose Display Central: Pedalling the big picture

Ideal for urban and trekking bikes, the screen-only Brose Display Central takes readability to the max under any conditions. Its centre-mounted 3.5-inch, high-definition colour screen with backlighting lets riders take in all the stats in the wink of an eye. This model is ergonomically operated via the conveniently mounted Brose Remote, whose LEDs are switched off in the process so that both monitors are not active at the same time.

First e-bikes with Brose Displays will be available after Eurobike 2019.