The new Brose Drive S Mag Product is announced.
July 4, 2018

A newcomer to our product family Brose Drive– the Brose Drive S Mag

The product family Brose Drive continues to grow. The Brose Drive S Mag – our powerful lightweight. It is 15 percent smaller than our Drive S Alu and 500 grammes lighter thanks to its magnesium housing. With the new drive, e-bikers can now enjoy the maximum power of 90 newton metres over an even wider cadence range – still, the typical natural riding feeling of Brose is preserved.

In addition, this drive also features the new "Flex Power Mode". In this riding mode, e-mountain bikers can shift to a combination of torque- and cadence-sensitive support. Brose’s Flex Power Mode combines two new software capabilities – Cadence Power Control (CPC) enabling up to 30% more support at higher cadences and Progressive Pedal Response (PPR) providing a fast drive response when pressure is applied to the pedals. The effect? Instant power output for more agility.