Members of the Bundestag visit Brose E-Bike

Arrival at Brose (from left): Mathias Stein (SPD), Susanne Menge (Grüne), Johannes Wagner (Grüne), Henning Rehbaum (CDU), Anke Schäffner (Head of Politics & Advocacy at ZIV), Matthias Gastel (Grüne), Swantje Michaelsen (Grüne), Burkhard Stork (Managing Director ZIV) and the renowned cycling journalist Gunnar Fehlau (Image rights: ZIV – Dirk Deckbar Photographie)

Berlin (November 16, 2023). On Monday, a groundbreaking discussion on the future of the German e-bike industry took place at Brose E-Bike in Berlin. Six members of the Bundestag from various parliamentary groups took a six-kilo-meter bike ride from the Reichstag building to the Brose plant in Moabit to gain an insight into the company's innovative development and production areas.

During a guided tour, the politicians were familiarized with the Brose e-bike systems, consisting of seamlessly combinable drives, batteries and displays. Particular attention was paid to the company's remanufacturing program, in which parts from defective drives are reassembled into virtually new motors without any quality disadvantages. This approach not only enables considerable cost savings for customers, but also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the discussion that followed, everyone agreed that more incentives need to be created for the use of e-bikes and bicycles – especially in urban areas. Arno Vers, Head of E-Bike System Development at Brose, pleaded the expansion of safe cycle paths and a uniform maximum speed of 32 km/h for pedelecs to make this mode of transport more attractive for everyday commuters. The development of an infrastructure of secure parking spaces was also discussed.

"Today's exchange was important and provided both sides with many new insights," says Vers: "We are pleased to be able to vividly explain to the political decision-makers how important our future-oriented products made in Germany are for sustainable mobility."

The visit was organized by the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV) together with the parliamentary bicycle group of the Bundestag. Anke Schäffner, Head of Politics and Interest Representation at the ZIV: "Today at Brose, we were once again able to convey the innovative power and potential of bicycles and e-bikes as innovative, future-oriented and sustainable products for leisure, sport and everyday mobility to the representatives of our parliament in a very concrete and lively way."

Swantje Michaelsen (Grüne): "I am delighted that we were able to visit Brose with members of the parliamentary bicycle group together with the Zweirad Industrieverband (ZIV) to gain an insight into the technical innovations of the bicycle industry. Brose produces drives and other parts at the highest level. Brose is particularly innovative in that it also recycles individual parts that have already been used. This results in high-quality drives that conserve resources. We thank Brose for the insights and the interesting conversation!"

About Brose Drive Technology

Brose e-bike systems offer the right solution for every application – whether in city, trekking or mountain bikes. The family-owned company has transferred its decades of experience as a supplier of electric motors for the automotive industry to the bicycle. At the e-bike competence center in Berlin, more than 150 employees develop and produce drives that are used in models from over 50 manufacturers worldwide. Together with specially developed displays, battery and the Brose app, the drives form a perfectly coordinated system, enabling a particularly harmonious riding experience.

Arno Vers, Head of Development at Brose E-Bike, explains the components of the e-bike system to the guests (image rights: ZIV – Dirk Deckbar Photographi
Vers shows the so-called hollow shaft. It later transmits the power of the e-bike drive to the pedals (Image rights: ZIV – Dirk Deckbar Photographie)
The construction of a Brose drive unit, here the aluminum version, was also a topic during the factory tour (Image rights: ZIV – Dirk Deckbar Photographie)
The tour of the production facilities was followed by a lively discussion about the situation and potential of the e-bike and bicycle industry (image rights: ZIV – Dirk Deckbar Photographie)


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