The all-rounder with staying power!

Riding an ebike equipped with a Brose drive, you will master every road and trail, even off the beaten track. Whether in the city or out in the country, experience the challenge of longer distances with this all-rounder. And puffing and panting? A thing of the past! Test your skills and fitness on asphalt, gravel and forest trails – and you will still be full of energy at the end of the day! Rediscover your passion for cycling.

Our philosophy: a natural riding experience

  • No pedaling resistance when the motor is switched off
  • Brose drives run extremely quietly with hardly any vibration
  • The precise sensor system provides exactly the right amount of extra power

Close-up of a woman and a man riding an eBike with Brose drive up a dirt road.

Expanding your horizons!

As flexible as you need it. As multi-faceted as your life. A modern means of transport should give you the best possible support in every situation – every day, wherever you go and whatever you plan to do, whether it is just a short trip or a weekend excursion or an extended tour through the countryside. With an ebike powered by Brose, the world will open up for you. Experience the freedom to move more easily, to be out more often, to go further, and to discover new horizons. Get on board and ride!

Close-up of the face of a woman laughing into the camera. Next to her is her bike partner. She holds an eBike with Brose Anrieb and wears a bicycle helmet.

A team player

Do you like touring with friends or family? A Brose trekking drive helps you to adapt to the strength of your cycling partners, turning your trip into a real social outing – and with a specially equipped trekking bike powered by Brose, you will be ready for afternoon picnics or adventures that continue on. A Brose drive provides you with the highest quality and most reliable technology so you can enjoy a new feeling of independence, and the reassuring certainty of arriving to your destination. Enjoy your adventures.

Close-up of a man and a woman on trekking eBikes. They cycle on a path next to meadows and fields.

Brose Drive T - Long-distance Runners

Thanks to their high efficiency, Brose Drive T drives cut a particularly good figure over long distances. Long tours or a short after-work trip – this allrounder provides enough power for all the requirements of everyday life.

Close-up of a Brose Drive T. The technical elements are shown in spiral form.
Close-up of a man and a woman on trekking eBikes on a dirt road. They look at each other and smile.

E-bikes with Brose Drive

More than 30 manufacturers worldwide already integrate Brose ebike drives.

More information

Brose Drive TF - Sprinters

Developed for bikers with a need for speed, the Brose Drive TF assists riders up to a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour.

Close-up of a Brose Drive TF. The technical elements are shown in spiral form.
View from above of a man and a woman riding trekking eBikes into the sunset.

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