Brose E-Bike supports education of Berlin vocational school students

On the first of two dates, Brose welcomed eight apprentices and one teacher for training (image copyright: Brose)

Berlin (March 07, 2024). The future of the Berlin e-bike industry visited Brose E-Bike. The capital city-based manufacturer of e-bike systems has organised training courses for prospective dealers and mechanics for the first time. The trainings supplement the curriculum of the Oberstufenzentrum Kraftfahrzeugtechnik in Charlottenburg and pave the way for continued smooth Brose service.

A total of 20 third-year apprentices and one teacher took part in the two sessions at the Brose plant in Berlin. The future two-wheel mechatronics technicians specialising in bicycle technology were given an overview of all current and future products and their technical features. After a comprehensive tour of the plant, they practised common repairs such as replacing the drive belt – as is customary in all Brose dealer training courses.

Ronald Rahmig, head of Berlin's only training centre for this profession: "Thanks to the cooperation with Brose, we stay in touch with the latest technical developments in the industry and can give our students a comprehensive experience with the latest material that goes beyond the practice of their training companies. The depth of the training courses exceeds our capabilities because the school cannot provide these teaching materials for a larger group."

For the apprentices themselves and the Berlin bicycle dealers, the training courses represent an important added value from which all Brose users benefit. With the certificate, the vocational students acquire an additional qualification before they graduate, which makes it easier for them to start their careers and they bring detailed expertise about Brose products to their employers. This in turn guarantees owners of e-bikes with Brose systems an uncomplicated and prompt handling of service enquiries.

About Brose Drive Technology

Brose e-bike systems offer the right solution for every application – whether in city, trekking or mountain bikes. The family-owned company has transferred its decades of experience as a supplier of electric motors for the automotive industry to the bicycle. At the e-bike competence center in Berlin, more than 140 employees develop and produce drives that are used in models from over 30 manufacturers worldwide. Together with specially developed displays, battery and the Brose app, the drives form a perfectly coordinated system, enabling a particularly harmonious riding experience.

Brose attaches great importance to a high degree of practical relevance in its training courses. Here a student is changing the belt on a magnesium drive (image copyright: Brose)
During the factory tour, the apprentices learnt about the production processes at the Brose plant in Berlin (image copyright: Brose)


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