First choice!" – Brose Drive S Mag impresses in SRAM Eagle Powertrain

As the centerpiece of SRAM’s Eagle Powertrain the Brose Drive S Mag is installed in the Propain Ekano 2 CF, among others. (Image rights: Propain Bicycles GmbH)

Berlin (November 02, 2023). After five years, the Brose Drive S Mag is still impressing bike experts all over the world. As the centerpiece of SRAM's new Eagle Powertrain, the proven e-bike engine impressively demonstrates why it remains the first choice for the demanding bicycle industry. With the Eagle Powertrain, the S Mag is currently installed in models of the four trendy e-mountain bike manufacturers Propain, Transi?tion, Nukeproof and Gasgas.

SRAM, the renowned U.S. manufacturer of bicycle components, had been looking for the ideal drive for its innovative e-bike system with automatic shifting function at the start of product development and found the perfect solution in the Brose S Mag.

Simon Kolmstetter, product manager for e-bike systems at SRAM, tells "When it came to the drive, we stuck to proven hardware. Our test team in Schweinfurt has tested a wide variety of systems. For us, it simply turned out that the Brose motor is the best compromise between noise, power and volume."

Brose revolutionized the e-bike market in 2018 with the S Mag's magnesium housing and has been continuously optimizing the mid-mounted motor ever since. The torque of 90 Nm still outclasses even significantly younger competitors. The drive's greatest quality, however, is evident above all in its natural handling and barely audible operating noise.

Kolmstetter: "In terms of its power delivery, the engine is still way out in front, has the best data in terms of power loss due to heat generation and was therefore clearly the first choice for us."

About Brose Drive Technology

Brose e-bike systems offer the right solution for every application – whether in city, trekking or mountain bikes. The family-owned company has transferred its decades of experience as a supplier of electric motors for the automotive industry to the bicycle. At the e-bike competence center in Berlin, more than 140 employees develop and produce drives that are used in models from over 30 manufacturers worldwide. Together with specially developed displays, battery and the Brose app, the drives form a perfectly coordinated system, enabling a particularly harmonious riding experience.

The S Mag can be integrated into e-bike systems in the most diverse ways. Together with Brose's battery and display technology, it can also be seamlessly combined into a complete system. (Image rights: Propain Bicycles GmbH)
Full uphill power: The natural support of the S Mag guarantees riding fun – no matter what the surface is made of. (Image rights: Propain Bicycles GmbH)
Powered by Brose: SRAM also relies on the S Mag in the Transition Repeater PT (Image copyright: Transition Bicycle Company)


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