Brose significantly extends the lifespan of the S Mag

The Brose Drive S Mag has been extensively optimized over the past two years. Since its market launch in 2018, the e-bike drive has impressed with its unrivaled quiet operating noise and natural riding feeling (Image rights: Brose)

Berlin (January 11, 2024). Brose E-Bike is consistently continuing its quality offensive. The Berlin-based system provider has gradually improved its magnesium drives around the renowned Drive S Mag. The specific further developments have significantly extended the lifespan in particular – but the benefits for customers and end users are even more extensive.

The central innovation in Brose Drive S Mag and Co. is the optimization of the drive belt and transmission, which results in a significant increase in mileage. At the beginning of the market launch in 2018, Brose had problems with premature motor failures. However, thanks to the meticulous modernizations, this is now a thing of the past.

Lukas Zwanziger, Head of Quality at Brose E-Bike: "Initially, we were very dissatisfied with the performance of our magnesium drives, especially the S Mag. In close cooperation with our internal and external partners, we worked intensively on the individual weak points and continuously improved the motors. The result is the "new" S Mag, which you can rely on in any situation."

Brose implemented the first major optimization package in 2021 with the aim of significantly increasing durability. Since then, further improvements have followed successively. Among other things, the company achieved a reduction in the already quiet operating noise, even at very high mileages. The latest modification has also made the drives more resistant to water ingress. Furthermore, the completely overhauled electronics and software ensure greater reliability and an even more comfortable ride. Many components have been replaced by more modern ones, so that the electronic parts of the magnesium drives are available without restriction.

To ensure that the measures implemented achieve the desired effect, Brose subjected the magnesium drives to intensive endurance tests in the Harz. During this process, over 50,000 kilometers were covered and around one million meters of altitude were mastered. To ensure the long-term success of the revisions, S Mag and Co. undergo around 175,000 hours of testing in special endurance test rigs at the Berlin plant every year. In this way, procedures can be reliably tested and undesirable events can be identified and rectified at an early stage.

"The aim of our measures is clear: we wanted e-bike fans to be able to enjoy the natural riding experience and the impressive power of the S Mag and our other magnesium drives in a carefree and lasting way," says Zwanziger.

The success of these efforts is reflected in SRAM's decision. The renowned US component manufacturer was looking for a drive for its innovative Eagle Powertrain system with automatic shifting and found the perfect solution in the S Mag. Since the end of September 2023, the Brose motor has been the centerpiece of models from the four popular e-mountainbike manufacturers Propain, Transition, Nukeproof and Gasgas.

About Brose Drive Technology

Brose e-bike systems offer the right solution for every application – whether in city, trekking or mountain bikes. The family-owned company has transferred its decades of experience as a supplier of electric motors for the automotive industry to the bicycle. At the e-bike competence center in Berlin, more than 140 employees develop and produce drives that are used in models from over 30 manufacturers worldwide. Together with specially developed displays, battery and the Brose app, the drives form a perfectly coordinated system, enabling a particularly harmonious riding experience.

Brose achieved a significantly longer mileage by improving the transmission, among other things (Image rights: Brose)
Thanks to a new, much more durable drive belt, premature belt tears are a thing of the past (Image copyright: Brose)
The modernized electronics guarantee that spare parts are available in the long term and that seamless integration into a wide range of e-bike systems is still possible without any problems (Image rights: Brose)


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