Quality on. Brose E-Bike is coming to IAA 2023 with new products

Creating a natural riding experience is part of the Brose philosophy

Experienced e-cyclists have known all along that the key to electrically powered e-bike fun isn’t speed – it’s a natural riding experience. And that is Brose’s top priority, which is why quality at Brose also stands for precision sensor technology for great responsiveness paired with plenty of power and torque even at low speeds. The drives offer an extremely quiet, smooth ride along with convincing performance thanks to the patented freewheel without additional pedal resistance. Added to this are flexible installation options for aesthetic, understated frame integration.

New state-of-the-art drives and complete systems from Brose

At this year’s IAA Mobility Brose is presenting a new 48-volt system with the Drive3, which will be available during the course of 2024. The future flagship of the Brose drive family is integrated into a concept bike and is sure to wow visitors with high performance coupled with even more compact dimensions and a design that is optimized for integration. At the highest echelons of performance in its maximum configuration, Drive3 Peak provides 410 percent assistance at a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h. The 48-volt system allows for the seamless integration of components such as the drive unit, display and battery pack, creating a uniquely harmonious riding experience as part of the Brose Drive System. When paired with the Brose App and additional digital features like new riding styles, the complete system also offers a cutting-edge communication platform.

The future is infinitely variable

This also marks Brose’s intelligent automatic drive for infinitely variable gear shifting without any interruptions in torque. The advantages of the Concept Drive are clear: the intuitive gear-shifting system ensures riders select the perfect gear in every riding situation so they enjoy an unprecedented riding experience. An additional advantage: without any mechanical gear shifting components beyond the drive, the drive chain requires far less maintenance. The Concept Drive Brose is presenting as a study at IAA is based on a 48-volt system and is creating an innovative communication platform with unparalleled connectivity for new riding styles or digital features via the Brose App.

The Brose teamplay system: Battery, HMI and more

The perfect addition to the 48-volt drives in the Brose Drive System can be found in the new Brose Battery 48V. The top version has an energy storage capacity of 814-watt hours and can be fully charged in three to four hours. This battery is equipped with a premium aluminum housing and is removable for flexible wheel mounting.

Brose is highlighting its brand promise as a system supplier with the newly developed 48-volt Brose Control Series. It features three models – Brose Control Allround, Control Remote and Control Integrate – all of which offer a different range of features while ensuring optimal interaction between the new drives for an even better and more natural ride. They feature a streamlined design, a wealth of features and practical, user-friendly ergonomics. Practical: thanks to the USB-C port riders can charge their smartphone while on the go or access the Brose Service Tool. Control Remote is completely wireless and can be used with Integrate for a reduced cockpit.

Ultra-efficient cargo carrier in a 36-volt system

The new Brose Drive HMag is a powerful, compact e-bike motor in a magnesium housing. Perfect for cargo bikes, this compact yet powerful package offers up to 410 percent assistance and a maximum speed of 25 km/h with a total maximum load of 250 kilograms. Even with heavy loads, the 36-volt system doesn’t disappoint thanks to its harmonious assistance and incomparable reliability. The magnesium version of the drive weighs just 2,900 grams and is 500 grams lighter and 15 percent smaller than the aluminum platform.

Service like never before

Cloud-based and fast: in the future Brose partners will benefit from an improved range of products and services in an expanded service network –both nationally and internationally. Brose is also offering a more comprehensive spare parts portfolio. During the actual maintenance process, Brose takes advantage of the Advanced Diagnostic Tool, a process and machine data-based solution. Thecompany also supports its partners with a wide range of digital and stationary services.

From e-bike to re-bike

Brose became the first e-bike drive manufacturer to develop a standard remanufacturing process for its old e-bike drives when it introduced the Reman Drive. The process refurbishes five pre-defined components from irreparable drives: they are thoroughly inspected and cleaned, missing parts are added and they are assembled into a remanufactured drive. This not only conserves resources; compared to series drives, it also saves a minimum of 21 kilograms of CO2 equivalents – all with the same quality and a full manufacturer’s warranty. The replacement motors are available for all drive versions on the magnesium and aluminum platforms and cost customers significantly less of what a newly purchased drive would.

On the path to a greener future: The Brose circular economy

For a family-owned company like Brose, working sustainably has always meant combining its economic vision with responsible action towards employees and the environment. Brose’s objective to become a CO2-neutral company is a perfect example of this. A major milestone along the way is operating Brose’s locations in a CO2-neutral way by 2025.

This is why Brose consistently focuses on achieving the smallest CO2 footprint possible early on – when selecting processes and materials. It’s also why Brose continues to manufacture most of its products in Germany. In total, 89 percent of all parts are made in the EU, and 78 percent of these originate in Germany.

Detailed information is included in the Sustainability Report the Brose Group prepares and publishes on its website each year. The 2022 report was recently uploaded.

About Brose Drive Technology

Brose e-bike systems offer the right solution for any situation – whether in city, trekking or mountain bikes. The family-owned company has transferred its decades of experience supplying electric motors to the automotive industry to the bicycle. Employees at the e-bike competence center in Berlin develop and produce drives that are used in models made by over 50 manufacturers worldwide. Paired with displays, a battery and a Brose App developed in-house, the drives create a perfectly tuned system that offers a uniquely harmonious riding experience.


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