Woman is sitting on ground and looks to her bicycle.

From big cities to small towns

Passion for ebikes

No long traffic jams, no crowded trains - come more relaxed with the e-bike through the big city. Even in smaller towns or in the countryside, the distance to the supermarket no longer matter. You can even leave your car in the garage. People are re-discovering urban spaces – and our passion is to support them.

Close-up of a young woman with a bike helmet. The focus is on her smiling face.

From big cities to small towns

Our e-bike drives provide support with everything as quiet as a whisper and, thanks to sensors, only exactly as much as necessary. You pedal and it feels much lighter.

Man with e-bike at Potsdamerplatz.

Enjoy your mobility

We are constantly on the move - commuting to work, doing the shopping or exploring our city.

Our demands on mobility are high - however we want to keep pace with the traffic, protect the environment, get to our destinations fast and still arrive relaxed. People are re-discovering urban spaces and our passion is to support them.


Brose Drive C - City Champion

The Brose Drive C delivers a harmonic riding experience. It is the perfect everyday companion through the hustle and bustle of the city.

Brose Drive T- Allrounder

Thanks to their high efficiency, Brose Drive T drives cut a particularly good figure over long distances. This allrounder provides enough power for all the requirements of everyday life.

Brose Drive TF- Sprinters

Developed for bikers with a need for speed, the Brose Drive TF assists riders up to a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour. Especially longdistance commuters get their money’s worth with this drive.

View of the housing of a Brose drive.

Charging & Range

Most e-bikes need to charge after 80 - 120 kilometers. The exact range depends on many different factors, including riding style, altitude and duration of assistance. Charging is not a problem, however, as most batteries can be removed and then charged at a conventional outlet. Recharging is quick and can be done in a few hours.

Our philosophy: a natural riding experience

  • No pedaling resistance when the motor is switched off
  • Brose drives run extremely quietly with hardly any vibration
  • The precise sensor system provides exactly the right amount of extra power
Brose motor close-up.
Woman sitting at East Berlin Wall. Next to her is an e-bike.

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More than 50 manufacturers worldwide already integrate Brose ebike drives.

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