Enjoy your mobility

We are constantly on the move - commuting to work, doing the shopping or exploring our city.

Our demands on mobility are high - however we want to keep pace with the traffic, protect the environment, get to our destinations fast and still arrive relaxed. People are re-discovering urban spaces and our passion is to support them.

View of the housing of a Brose drive.


Brose Drive C - City Champion

The Brose Drive C delivers a harmonic riding experience. It is the perfect everyday companion through the hustle and bustle of the city.

Brose Drive T- Allrounder

Thanks to their high efficiency, Brose Drive T drives cut a particularly good figure over long distances. This allrounder provides enough power for all the requirements of everyday life.

Brose Drive TF- Sprinters

Developed for bikers with a need for speed, the Brose Drive TF assists riders up to a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour. Especially longdistance commuters get their money’s worth with this drive.

Find your ebike

More than 50 manufacturers worldwide already integrate Brose ebike drives.