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Spectacular trails, magnificent views, nature at its purest! An emountain bike opens up new horizons and delivers real passion for the faster eacceleration. The power to climb steeper hills and stamina to extend your ride. The reliability of precision technology. These features give you the freedom to grow beyond your personal limitations. Feel the moment – emountain biking is the ultimate experience for ambitious athletes, explorers and adventurers of all levels.

Close-up of a Brose Drive Drive S. The individual technical elements are shown in the form of a spiral.

Brose Drive S - Summiteers

The powerful Brose Drive S models make just the right partners for sporty ebikers. A particularly sensitive response enables top performance on demanding trails. The magnesium drive with 410 per cent maximum assistance brings the most power to the pedals. Thanks to the exclusive assistance level “Flex Power Mode”, the Brose Drive S Mag delivers an even more lively ride experience.

Our philosophy

• No pedaling resistance when the motor is switched off
• Brose drives run extremely quietly with hardly any vibration
• The precise sensor system provides exactly the right amount of extra power

No compromises

The mid-drive motor has clear advantages. It works with the riders pedaling input to reduce the loss of energy through less heat build-up in the motor; increasing efficiency and delivering smooth, powerful performance, especially on long and steep climbs. Brose’s mid-drive motors are small and light helping reduce the burden of weight when climbing and delivering a lively, responsive feel when descending. Mid-motors also form the perfect foundation for our innovations: precise sensors and zero resistance freewheeling for a totally natural biking experience. A whole new dimension of performance – for your adventure off the beaten track.

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