Close up picture of a father with his child on an e-bike with brose drive. A cyclist with his child in the child's seat rides onto a ramp with an e-bike with brose drive.

Enjoy your mobility

We are constantly on the move – commuting to work, doing the shopping, picking up the children, exploring our city or getting out into the countryside. Our demands on mobility are high, however – we want to keep pace with the traffic, protect the environment, get to our destinations fast and still arrive relaxed. The e-bike meets all these requirements – and that is why it has developed into a modern urban means of transport.

In good company

The bicycle has long since become more than just a means of transport – nowadays it is sports equipment, a recreation partner and even a design object. That is why Brose gives bicycle manufacturers scope for design. The compact design of the mid-motor and flexible installation positions enable a perfect design. At the same time, our efficient technology creates a natural riding experience and provides effective support. This makes the e-bike the ideal companion in everyday life. And that's not all: with fewer cars on the road, traffic flows better. The quality of the air we breathe improves and more people get exercise while on the move. In short: e-bikes are permanently changing mobility in our cities.

A cyclist riding through urban traffic on an e-bike with brose drive.
A young couple passes a fruit stand on e-bikes with brose drive.

Rediscover urban spaces

Take Copenhagen, for example, where more people travel to the city centre by bicycle than by car. 40 percent of all city trips are made by bike. The majority of Copenhagen's inhabitants use a classic bike or e-bike to ride through the city in the morning and after work. E-bikers appreciate the additional boost of an electric drive, because they arrive relaxed at their work. Families, on the other hand, have discovered e-cargo bikes, which they use to take their children around in the city and get their shopping home. In this way, people are re-discovering urban spaces – and our passion is to support them.

Our S-pedelec drive supports speeds of up to 45 kilometres per hour. Long-distance e-bike commuters especially appreciate performance like this.

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Two cyclists ride along a lake with brose drives.

Brose Drive

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