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15.1. Brose excites e-bike market

Motor company completes successful first season in the retail market



Brose Antriebstechnik is delighted with its successful first year in the e-bike retail market. E-bikes with Brose system have been on the market since March 2015 and positive market feedback has led to a strong sell-through. According to OEM partners, retailers and end customers, after only one year Brose is on the way to becoming one of the important e-bike system brands.


OEMs choose Brose’s open system approach

Over the past two years more than 20 high-end e-bike manufacturers have chosen the Brose drive system, amongst them BH Bikes, Bulls, E-Bike Manufaktur, Rotwild and Specialized. E-bike designers appreciate both the open system and the partnership approach: ‘Working with Brose enabled us to significantly influence important parameters, to develop the battery at our discretion and to construct the motor as optimally as possible within the limited installation space provided by the bike. We managed to completely integrate the motor into the bicycle and not simply build the frame around it. As a result, our e-MTBs are unique concerning their optimal geometry and kinematics, while providing drivability and performance dynamics that are analogous to those of a classic MTB’, says Peter Schlitt, CEO of Rotwild.


Tested across more than 300,000 km and confirmed by retailers

The e-bike system was extensively monitored throughout its first season and the product delivered. ‘We rigorously tested the motor ourselves every day of 2015 and we were very pleased. Therefore – and because we can count on superb service – we’ve had uncanny success selling models with Brose motors’, says Bascht Hasenauer from the bike’n soul e-shop in Saalbach-Hinterglemm.

The development of the motor – based on automotive processes – and the absolute focus on quality pays off: ‘In an endurance test, we’ve ridden over 300,000 km in the Alps. This speaks for the quality and longevity of our technology’, explains Alexander Eham, head of developmentat Brose Antriebstechnik.


Eurobike Award for model with masterful motor integration

During the Eurobike fair 2015, the Specialized Turbo Levo, enabled by the Brose motor, won the Eurobike Gold Award in the category ‘E-Bikes & Pedelecs’. The jury’s opinion: ‘The integration of the Brose motor was designed masterfully.’


Outlook for 2016

Up to now, the main focus of the company has been on product development. In 2016, Brose, also together with its service and systems partner BMZ, will focus on retailer support and marketing towards end-consumers. ‘We’re proud of our first year in the retail market and we’re happy that more and more people are opting for our system. Our mission – to enable e-bike design and a riding experience that excites – meets the demands of the market and will also guide us in future’, says Christoph Bantle, CEO of Brose Antriebstechnik.