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NEW Rotwild enabled by Brose

Cross-country, all-mountain, enduro and touring – the new ROTWILD e-Bikes for 2016.

The ROTWILD e-MTB 2016 models are available in a new design and with even more power. The R.X+ FS proves itself to be multifunctional and full of drive for the all-mountain segment. The R.E+ FS has direct response behaviour, a stable, medium suspension travel range and high traction, and is the perfect enduro e-MTB. In addition, two agile and tenacious e-MTBs with a real cross-country character (R.C1+ FS 27.5 and R.C+ HT 29) are available.



A touring model is also in the portfolio.


The R.T+ HT 28 is a lightweight, agile and tenacious e-Bike. The intelligent COBI control centre ensures optimal integration, meaning you can use your own smartphone as the central control system for your e-Bike.

The most important feature of the ROTWILD e-MTBs is the integrated power unit (IPU) with 518 Wh. The battery is integrated into the down tube as a supporting element, whereby a higher rigidity is achieved with less weight. Together with the new Brose set-up, the IPU offers even more performance, power and efficiency. Once the legal speed limit has been exceeded, the Brose drive generates no additional resistance as it decouples entirely. The bike thus remains easy to pedal even in excess of 25 km/h.

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