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NEW Brose presents new 45 km/h (28 mph) e-bike motor

Production of the product has started in Berlin.

Since the Brose e-bike motor was well received by manufacturers, dealers and end customers in 2015, Brose Antriebstechnik now launches a 45km/h version. This product responds to the rising interest in faster e-bikes and continues Brose Antriebstechnik’s mission to enable e-bike design and a riding experience that excites. The first motors have already left production and will be available in some models this season already.
The new motor offers assistance of up to 45 km/h (28 mph), a starting aid of up to 20 km/h (12mph) as well as a pushing aid of up to 6 km/h (4mph).

E-bike design that excites
The 45 km/h motor can be integrated into the e-bike frame like no other. This advantage plus the small and lightweight motor construction, enables a next generation e-bike design.

E-bike riding experience that excites
The new product excites as it is one of the quietest mid-motors in the market. Additionally, it has the best power-to-weight ratio for effective support and great handling.

“The launch of our 45 km/h motor brings the advantages of the Brose motor to even more e-bike models, riders and their individual needs“, says Christoph Bantle, Managing Director of Brose Antriebstechnik.

Brose‘s 45 km/h motor is, like the 25 km/h version, “made in Berlin, Germany” and manufactured based on automotive industry standards.

Brose e-bike motor